warcraft 3 bonus campaign guide

You'll run into some more rge Nerubians to be exact.
This time 10 lotto stasera to confront the Humans about their raids on the Orc outposts and casino live on line convince the other races to join in the upcoming battle against Admiral Proudmoore.
Use the Locust ability for Anub'arak.1 Rexxar and Rokhan are the only heroes that are playable throughout the entire campaign.Again, build another base here and make use of all gold mines.Each group should destroy three towns.Break the barrel above it for more gold.To finish an act, it takes few hours to complete.Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Official Strategy Guide.The other group will be for attacking the towns.Garithos' base should produce Knights.First Page, previous Page - - Next Page, last Page.Characters Thrall and Rexxar Playable Allies Enemies Notes and trivia To obtain this bonus campaign, Warcraft III must be updated to at least version.13 and must have The Frozen Throne.Break down the gate to the east for some reinforcements.
Hit it and direcly opposite of it and to the north is the second guadagnare con le scommesse online lever.

You can complete the mini quests in no time, it's straightforward.