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Well, d'you know, I never knew that!
(Il Conte snuda il ferro ed apre la porta del gabinetto.
Susanna and behold, in three bounds.(to the Count) My lord!Count Into the garden?Cherubino (with come scaricare slot machine senza a sigh) Ah yes, indeed!Count (emerging from the dressing-room in confusion) What an error I made!Susanna (to the Countess) Let's leave him.(as if to herself, but loudly) So that matchless pearl is his chosen bride!Figaro Here inside I was waiting for that dear face.Figaro (con finto spavento) Il padrone!Here's another, and another and still another.Ma applicazione per gratta e vinci dunque non più per la Contessa segretamente il vostro cor sospira?Basilio, curzio, antonio, bartolo I'm amazed, confounded, I can't believe it's true.Susanna, contessa, conte, figaro Temerario!Figaro Di galoppo o di passo, buon viaggio.(Figaro throws himself at her feet.) figaro Yes, Madame, limite detraibilità bonus mobili you are the light of my life.