After finally finishing level 80, Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle for the Game Boy ( released in a different guise as Mickey Mouse ) has Bugs walking slowly into the middle of the screen with the message "Congraturations!
The NES game Milon's Secret Castle ends with a "Thank you!" As the game has no Mercy Invincibility, which allows you to bonus director comercial be killed quite quickly when cornered, and a million Guide Dang Its around every corner, this can hardly be said to be anywhere.
Consider yourselero." The unanswered question is "Why should I have to consider myself a hero?This may be (partly) justified as an instruction to get the rest of the treasures, presumably hinting that then the main character will have enough money for the proper ending.After you clear the last stage, you get a "congratulations" message typed out, and then your final score is displayed, sending you back to the title screen.The goal is to drive from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada at 45mph.Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius ends with Jimmy receiving congratulations and applause from the supporting cast.Some versions of the game contain voice files hinting at what this chunk would have contained.Given the nature of the game, anything other than text wasn't expected, but it's short, not very exciting, and the real clincher: it's displayed in the same plain box every in-game alert is, and the game goes on afterwards as if nothing had happened.The Arcade Game instead displays a block of text: NOW, WE have conquered whole worlds.Although there was never a clear plot (which spawned so much fan speculation and theory on what the heck is going on the ending just pretty much leaves you feeling that you did all that effort of finding all the different effects for nothing.Excuse Plots were the norm, it was natural for developers to put more effort into programming the game than designing an elaborate ending.When the game became a full version, this was changed."You have saved human race from its extinction.You have defeated Ursula!" The ending of Nuts Milk has the words "Perfect!" and "Congratulations!" framing Yogurt and Milk standing with a Heart Symbol between them (as they do at the end of every stage).Defeat the final boss, and all you get is a short cutscene of Lemeza escaping from the ruins, followed by a single "congratulations!" Cue the end credits, where Lemeza's father steals the ruins' treasure off him that he worked so hard to earn and runs.
Big, players are rewarded only with the message, "You have completed the narc training mission.
It wasn't until Clayfighter 63 1/3 that it showed you your character's ending on Normal level.